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We Are Recruiting - HR Specialist

By Keypro on Aug 5, 2022 1:09:52 PM

Hi, we're Keypro, a Nordic team of about 100 software professionals, GIS experts, and network engineers. We make software to plan, manage, and optimize telecom and utility networks so that critical infrastructure is protected and societies can continue to prosper. Since 1995, we've made our software with tender loving care for over 300 customers worldwide.

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KeyAqua in Kymen Vesi water utility

By Noora Liljanto on Aug 3, 2022 9:34:55 AM

How does KeyAqua GIS help water utilities in their daily lives? Examples from our customer Kymen Vesi.

Kymen Vesi Oy is one of Keypro's longest and most active customers in the water utility sector. The company has worked actively long time in asset management activities and the network map is high quality and up to date. KeyAqua is actively used in everyday life among all stakeholders. The department's development manager Jaana Pulkkinen has used KeyAqua in many different tasks. In this blog, we will give a few examples of these tasks.

1) Acute everyday situations such as water leaks
2) Planning work tasks such as replacing water meters
3) Leakage reduction and leak detection
4) Leading with knowledge and decision making

How does KeyAqua help when a water ducts are leaking?

When water leakage is detected in a certain area by measurement, KeyAqua plays an important role. It provides immediate information on the location, age and size of pipes in the terrain. Based on this, information is analyzed: where the leak is likely to be? What part in the network could have this leakage? Usually, the amount of leakage gives hints: whether it is a bigger distribution line or a smaller customer service line.

KeyAqua is also used when a leak has already been localized. Visualizations, themes and network follower tool are very helpful tools to locate where are the closest valves of the leak location (i.e. how to depressurize the pipe). In addition, KeyAqua will show on the theme map all fire hydrants and fire water stations if temporary water distribution to consumers is required. Finally, the leak is documented for later reporting and analysis.

KeyAqua is also used when communicating disturbances and supply interruptions: The SMS service and the fault map feature are definitely one of the most useful functions to communicate with customers. It’s great when necessary information to customers is send and received quickly and with very little effort. Usually, in addition to the actual water outages, Kymen Vesi also communicates about other possible effects, such as pressure fluctuations. With KeyAqua, information is delivered to homes quickly and time is saved to correct the actual fault.

How does KeyAqua help to plan jobs, such as replacing water meters?

The installation date of the water meters is also included in the KeyAqua. An automatic theme is built into KeyAqua that highlights those meters with different color that need to be replaced in near future. This information is visualized in an easy-to-understand way when specific layer is activated in KeyAqua. This is one such example that small technical configuration gives a big benefit to everyday life. It is essential that the information is visualized on the map as a theme where different colors have different meanings. This way users understands the most essential things very fast.

How does KeyAqua help to reduce leakage water?

KeyAqua's water balance calculation helps to understand the overall situation of leaks in different areas. KeyAqua has good Smart Water features that allow analyzes and calculations to be performed automatically without the user having to do a slow, manual and error-prone Excel analyses. It is essential to visualize the results on the map using clear colors and thematic. This gives user possibility to compare different areas and highlight where leaks are happening. This allows more detailed analysis to be targeted at the right areas. This saves time and money when personnel can focus immediately on the problematic part of the network.

How are KeyAqua and leading with knowledge related?

KeyAqua is a place to store silent information. When information is in one place and used by everyone, no information is lost. That way, everyday life doesn't have to be based on memory alone.

The strength of KeyAqua is that it helps gather information and can also be exported from KeyAqua elsewhere for further processing. The bottom line is this: data flows through integrations and leads to correct metrics and reports for decision making. Thus, the link to information management is clear and tangible.

KeyAqua's strengths are data import, export (e.g. Rest API), visualizations and the big picture. It helps utilities in long-term planning, data analysis and visualization, helps to explain things to colleagues and thus speeds up fact based decision-making. All in all, this saves time, money and nerves. KeyAqua enables systematic asset management process.

What is it like to work with Keypro?

Development projects have always progressed in good spirits. Working with the Keypro personnel is pleasant, things are promoted together in a good spirit. In addition to the official hot topics, the solving process is also humorous and relaxed. Utility department has a feeling that Keypro is committed to solve the customer's needs. Kymen Vesi is also committed to developing future together with Keypro.

The interview was conducted while Jaana was Kymen Vesi's development manager. Jaana currently works at Sweco in asset management and is still an important partner of Keypro today.

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Metering services and IoT devices in water network

By Olli Kaukola on Jul 31, 2022 10:39:00 AM

When water utility is delivering cost efficient and high quality drinking water to their end customers like individual households, hospitals, companies and other industrial entities, there are many things that need to work flawlessly in sync in the water distribution network. Technology creates possibilities to understand what is really happening underground in the network and one way to know how everything is working is to measure network, water flows, pressures, temperatures etc. using different measurement devices and services.

Nowadays each market has their own local, country specific service providers and measurement device manufacturers, and many times different solutions has also different data models. There is no globally unified or standardized way how to create and manage data which is flowing between different software solutions and metering devices through integrations. Interfacing these different solutions to automate data transfer between the systems is possible but to connect different services as easy as possible, it requires productized and flexible solutions. This productized measurement database is something that KeyAqua GIS already has, and it will be even better in future due to growing needs to integrate. Currently KeyAqua already includes compatibility with several different measurement devices and new services are relatively easy to add.

KeyAqua GIS can be interfaced with different measurement services to show metering data visually together with network map in an easy to understand way. It is possible to define range of numerical values of metering devices and when this predefined range is exceeded, measurement device colour changes on KeyAqua GIS map view from green to red. This indicates active problem and something needs to be done. This way all users and water utility personnel can immediately see locations of all measurement devices and what is happening in the network and if any problems have occurred. It is also possible to import and show numerical metering data in KeyAqua GIS when needed. When deciding best possible solution, it is always about the use case that what end user is trying to achieve.

Main idea when integrating with KeyAqua is not to replace metering device own software and analysis tool but to import and show all necessary information in one central view in KeyAqua such as utility network itself, customers, basemaps, cadastral information, metering device locations, possible alerts etc. This one central view of the network gives KeyAqua users possibility to understand network as a whole.


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Water utility customer communications

By Keypro on Jun 23, 2022 12:56:33 PM

In what situations do water utilities usually want to communicate with customers?

KeyAqua's Short Message Service (SMS) and fault map feature help you quickly inform customers and water users comprehensively about network disruptions or planned outages. The traditional informing households with paper bulletins, is too laborious and the delivery of the message is uncertain and slow. In addition to the text message, a fault map can be embedded on the water supply company's website, which visually describes the extent of the disturbance. This map extract will also be sent to the customers with a text message if necessary.

Why is real-time communication important?

Fast and reliable communication is important because the effects of a disturbance may even be related to water quality. For example, if you are prompted to boil water, it is critical that the message reach as many water users as possible as quickly as possible. Even in the event of a water outage, the water consumer will benefit from the information when the message arrives without delay. In addition, the more comprehensive the recipient of the message, the less customers of the water utility call the customer service. Thus, real-time communication reduces the impact of disruption on water consumers and improves customer satisfaction, as well as reducing the need for customer service resources.

In what different ways can you communicate with customers through KeyAqua? What are the options?

Customer communication works either completely independently (without KeyAqua network management) or as an optional feature to KeyAqua. The message can be sent via SMS, voicemail, email, and fault map. It is also possible to communicate to different groups: either direct customers only (data is obtained from the customer information system) or population-based. In Finland, population-based communications, information can be retrieved from the register on a regional basis, which provides all non-secret adult numbers. There may be country specific differences for this service. In addition, KeyAqua has a service where water users can add their numbers or prohibit to receive any messages.

What is the best feature in KeyAquan's SMS + fault map service and why?

Thanks to a highly automated system, all information with a message and a fault map can be sent to customers / residents in less than a minute.

An easy and fast-to-use browser-based service that offers the best possible coverage for reaching water users as well as local residents. The information is therefore user-friendly and also improves the service of the water utility, ie customer satisfaction.

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Recruitment ended - Software Tester

By Keypro on Jun 13, 2022 1:19:50 PM

Keypro Oy is a Finnish software and service company specializing in network and spatial data solutions with more than twenty years of professionalism.

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Recruitment ended - IT Specialist

By Keypro on Jun 13, 2022 1:15:23 PM

Keypro is a Finnish multi-expert in the field of geospatial solution and network information software. We develop world-class software and various expert services in areas that are critical to society. They include telecommunications, water supply, lighting and energy distribution networks.

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Recruitment ended - Marketing Manager

By Keypro on Jun 13, 2022 8:29:58 AM

As we’re growing and expanding, we are looking for a new Marketing Manager.

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Career stories: Laura

By Keypro on Jun 12, 2022 6:00:00 AM

Name and title: Laura and I work as an software development testing team and marketing assistant

Tell us about yourself and why you applied to Keypro for work?

I am Laura and I started my career at Keypro as a summer job in customer service as part of the cable lookup service team. I later became part of the testing team and am still working full time as part of the testing team. In addition, I run the social media side of Keypro for Facebook and advertising campaigns. I originally applied to Keypro for summer jobs, but I stayed in the company after getting a permanent job. My decision to stay in the company for a longer period of time was influenced by the desire to develop professionally and to work in this company. I live with my family in Joensuu, so it’s great to have an international company of this size in our city.

Tell us about your normal working day?

My usual working day at Keypro involves testing new version updates in client environments. Our testing team supports the work of application developers by testing different client environments after new application version updates before making updates to the environments used by customers. The work requires precision and attention to details. The work also includes documentation and teamwork between both your own and other teams. Marketing related work includes planning advertising campaigns for different customers, collecting results and reporting.

How do you relax?

I relax the most by spending my free time with my family outdoors and moving around in nature. My other hobbies are active swimming and gym training. I also relax by reading a good book.

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Keypro GIS/NIS solutions available in Norway

By Noora Liljanto on Jun 3, 2022 12:37:03 PM

Keypro and Geomatikk together for the Norwegian market with GIS/NIS systems

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Career stories: Kari

By Keypro on May 29, 2022 6:00:00 AM

Name and profession: Kari - safe-to-dig -professional marinated in several different projects.

Tell us about yourself and why you applied to Keypro for work?

Hi everyone! I am called Kari, sometimes even someone might call me Kari-perkele.

I am an environmental technology engineer by training, but blood drew into the ICT industry nonetheless. At Keypro, my first career lasted more than 6 years in several different projects, then I changed company and returned back to the so-called roots in early 2021. Returning to Keypro was easy because there is a very professional and down to earth and relaxed atmosphere to work. The people are friendly and international. Keypro's software continues to internationalize with the help of the new owner Geomatikk, and it will be very interesting to see how company's internatinalization keeps growing.

Tell us about your normal working day?

In the excavation permit service, the first words I say to customers in the morning are “Cable lookup service”. During the call, we carefully review the area with the customer where the excavation will begin. After that, we will order a cable display for the destination, taking into account the customer's wishes. In this work, you must be in contact with the customer almost immediately from the start of the contract and be part of a chain that seeks to avoid cable damage. Contacts usually come by phone or email. We see the importance of the customer contacting us at a low threshold. We strive to help and guide the customer to the best of our knowledge and to carry out excavation without cable or infrastructure damages. The job requires precision and versatile IT skills. Good interaction with the customer is also important. Good language skills are useful, as customers can speak Swedish or English as their mother language, in addition to Finnish. It is therefore interesting to listen to customers' different dialects of Swedish…. night no matter how it went.

How do you relax?

I think the best thing is when I get to spend time with my family in nature or traveling. Meeting friends and acquaintances and playing with them (bowling, hockey, frisbee golf, biking, etc.) are also close to my heart. So much so-called. the nerd side of me too finds that i also really like playing online with the gang so that I can also use English language in the games.

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Keypro exhibiting FTTH 2022 Conference in Vienna 23-25th May 2022

By Keypro on May 16, 2022 1:21:27 PM

Keypro is exhibiting again at world’s largest fiber broadband summit, which will take place in Vienna 23.-25. May 2022 at Messe Wien Congress center. Visit our booth B20 and we will share our expertise on how to deploy fiber networks faster and how to maintain efficient operations by using state of the art interfaceable telecom GIS solution.

We will also participate on Monday in Workshop 7, 10.15-13.30 where we will talk about integrated data flow from PNI (Physical Network Inventory) and GIS (Geographical Information Solution) point of view. Come and hear how single source of truth prevents data barriers between different teams.

Join us at FTTH Conference 2022 – booth B20. We look forward to meeting you in Vienna.

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Career stories: Noora

By Keypro on May 15, 2022 6:00:00 AM

Name and title: Noora and I work as Product Marketing Manager (KeyAqua, KeyGas, KeyDH)

Tell us about yourself and why you applied to Keypro for work?

Hi! I am Noora, 31, a water engineer from Kouvola. I used to work at the water utility as a design manager, and I switched to Keypro end of 2020. In this work, I was fascinated by internationality and place independence, and the opportunity to make a difference in globally important themes and to jointly develop and innovate solutions.

Tell us about your normal work day?

Every day is different. My biggest single job is to determine the future of a product, both at the top level and in concrete terms. Sometimes things are discussed or developed with partners, suitable in the form of usability testing or development meetings. Sometimes I do marketing tasks like product descriptions or video manuals. Sometimes we translate customer perspectives into our technical service, and sometimes reverse technical perspectives into customer language. I also like water training inside the house. Anyone who keeps a job includes both vision and ideation, and a concrete and technical perspective. The work therefore requires both creativity and engineering. I like that combination.

How do you relax?

I leave by rowing boat on a nearby hammock for the night. Or what's going on outside. My latest hobby is freediving, and I love the sense of peace that is beneath the surface.

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We are recruiting - GIS and support specialist

By Keypro on May 5, 2022 4:21:38 PM

Keypro is a Finnish software development company (part of Geomatikk group) in the field of geospatial solution and network information software. We develop world-class software and various expert services in areas that are critical to society. They include telecommunications, water supply, lighting and energy distribution networks.

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We are recruiting software developers

By Keypro on May 3, 2022 8:39:52 AM

Keypro is a Finnish multi-expert in the field of geospatial solutions and network information software. We develop world-class software and various expert services in areas that are critical to society. They include telecommunications, water supply, lighting and energy distribution networks.

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Career stories: Nam

By Keypro on May 1, 2022 6:00:00 AM

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Career Stories: Sari

By Keypro on Apr 5, 2022 9:01:57 AM

Tell us about yourself and how did you end up with Keypro?

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Career Stories: Janne

By Keypro on Mar 20, 2022 6:00:00 AM


Tell us about yourself and why did you want to work for Keypro Oy?

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We are recruiting - GIS and support specialist

By Keypro on Mar 14, 2022 9:07:49 AM

Keypro is a Finnish software development company (part of Geomatikk group) in the field of geospatial solution and network information software. We develop world-class software and various expert services in areas that are critical to society. They include telecommunications, water supply, lighting and energy distribution networks.

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We are recruiting - Software Developer

By Keypro on Mar 9, 2022 12:59:06 PM

Keypro is a Finnish software development company (part of Geomatikk group) in the field of geospatial solution and network information software. We develop world-class software and various expert services in areas that are critical to society. They include telecommunications, water supply, lighting and energy distribution networks.

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Career stories: Petri

By Keypro on Mar 6, 2022 6:00:00 AM

Petri T. has been working for Keypro for long time. We wanted to interview him and ask some questions about him and Keypro.

Tell us about yourself and why did you want to work for Keypro Oy?

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Reporting in streetlight networks

By Olli Kaukola on Feb 21, 2022 2:25:05 PM

When operating streetlight network, efficient daily maintenance operations play big role. All network components have limited lifetime and they need to be replaced at some point. Also, problems and faults keep appearing all the time due to road accidents and faulty components. In addition to that, the network becomes more and more complex due to different IoT technology and lighting control system implemented to streetlight network. There can also be many different other kind of components such as measurement devices, cameras etc. that are attached to streetlight poles and related electricity network.

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Documentation services of water supply network

By Sari Kinnunen on Jan 31, 2022 9:55:49 AM

The deployment of a geographical information system for a new customer often begins with a data conversion. The purpose of the conversion, ie the automatic data migration, is to import the current water supply network documentation from various sources to the geographical information system, using special data processing tools and the data import logic built with them. After the programmatic conversion, the customer's imported network documentation is often corrected manually, for example due to the poor documentation quality level. In this case, for example, the connections of the network components to various equipments like valves in the water supply network are checked manually, missing network nodes are added, and the attributes and location information of the network objects are checked and updated.

When improvements of network documentation is done, it is possible to use miscellanous files, pictures and other information related to same area which has been dropped from data conversion due to illogical method and content of documentation. These materials can be attached as background material for the converted network. One possible task to make the network documentation better and more comprehensive is digitization. The quality of the network information can be somewhat improved, for example by positioning the scanned rasters on the map and digitizing the real water supply network on them. In this case, the mapping accuracy is also recorded on network object in connection with the digitization, so that it is later known how the documentation was created and what its level of accuracy is. All important information will be preserved.

Network documentation end result is often also adjusted according to water company needs and goals. Sometimes the project is larger and more comprehensive, in which case the documentation itself can be done at the customer's office location, or the customer can come to Keypro's office with the materials. In this case, it is possible to digitize even the so-called tacit information, that is, to gather orally the personal experience of the person in question about the location and characteristics of the network, which may not have been documented in any way before. Sometimes, in turn, only individual duct lines are documented based on the data provided. It is essential to document all the information that is available and with the accuracy that the information can collect. Everything related to the network documentation is useful and the mapping accuracy is also saved.

Some water companies also use the documentation service in the form of a continuous service after the deployment of the GIS. In this case, the network information maintenance customer submits the material specified in a separate agreement to Keypro for documentation, which is processed within the time period agreed in the maintenance agreement.

The surveying file provided by the customer is the easiest way to create new objects in the GIS. The KeyAqua GIS survey file import features can read survey files imported from a separate high precision GPS surveying device if the coding data sets of KeyAqua and the mapping device are consistent. If the surveying file has shortcomings so that Keyaqua cannot read it, the file will be corrected in these respects as well. At the same time, the coordinate system is checked and, if necessary, converted and corrected.

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Mobile Fieldwork in a Streetlight Network

By Olli Kaukola on Jan 17, 2022 8:48:19 AM

KeyLight's new KeyMobile interface provides full operational field work support to document all changes in the network directly from the field using smartphone or tablet. Read below how KeyMobile can help you to document and manage your field work better.

HubSpot Video


The components and technology of street lighting networks are constantly evolving and becoming more complex. New types of components are connected to the network, the technical characteristics of components varies significantly and network should be continuously developed and maintained efficiently. Network management is becoming more complex all the time, so how do you make sure that day-to-day maintenance and future investments can be handled efficiently?

In the maintenance of lighting networks, a modern operating environment today requires that network objects including location, attribute and connectivity information are always available when working in the field. This information availability significantly speeds up maintenance in many cases by eliminating unnecessary time spent for clarifying issues and removing errors. Also, updating the information and making the necessary new entries immediately when the situation requires will reduce the time spent on documentation and speed up the sharing of up-to-date information between stakeholders.

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Development of KeyAqua, KeyDH and KeyGas: Summary of the year 2021

By Noora Liljanto on Dec 29, 2021 3:31:32 PM

In this blog, I summarize the year 2021 from my own perspective and explain you how we have involved our customers and users in the product development.

Dialogues with customers

I work as a product marketing manager in our KeyDuct team, meaning that I translate needs and messages between users and the developers of KeyAqua, KeyDH and KeyGas products. In our Product Strategy, we have defined the direction of our products for the next three years. Dialogues with our customers played an important role when defining the direction. The project clarified which new features our customers need the most. Equally important, however, were the findings related to the improvement of our existing tools. On the other hand, it is important for us to develop the product forward, but it is equally important to invest in the usability and user experience of existing functions. For this reason, I have spent a significant portion of my working hours this year engaging in dialogue with our software users. We have wanted to involve our customers very actively so that the everyday perspective can be heard and taken into account. In general, this means that usability and UX is also highlighted in our product strategy and we take it into account in our projects. 

Joint development team

In practical level, user orientation is implemented for example in our joint development team with our customers. This means that we regularly organize brainstorming meetings and involve our users in the product development process to define where we should develop the products. In addition, we are investing more in the preparation of use case descriptions when we are in the feature planning phase. We’ve also started a usability testing policy, and that’s a big help to us in improving the usability of the software. Usability testing has been of direct benefit to the development of our SMS service, fault map and pipeline forms. Some of the improvements have already been implemented, some will be implemented during the spring of 2022. In addition, usability testing and dialogues help us better understand customer and user needs, which is reflected in the long-term perspective and understanding the customer needs.  

Image: joint development team meeting in Turku 2021

Meeting our users in the field

In addition to user involvement in the ideation and the product development, it is important that we also meet concretely users in the fieldOnline meeting software Teams is a really handy tool that allows you to easily go through a wide variety of topics with many stakeholders at the same time. However, it does not completely replace face-to-face meeting and field visits: in the user’s own environment and meeting users with different use cases is really important. Fortunately, the opportunity for this was early in the year when Olli and I got to visit and learn about the maintenance operations in streetlight networks. In addition, I was able to visit several different customers in December, and we discussed, for example, the needs of surveyors and mobile users, the needs for service and maintenance, and the needs for data transfer between different software solutions. 

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Water balance calculation

By Ilkka Laukkanen on Nov 15, 2021 11:59:14 AM

What is a water balance calculation and what does the water balance tool do?

The clean water network and the sewage network often have repair debt brought due to aging network and leak water amount is high. This wastes the pumping stations and water plant's resources when the drinking water produced leaks from the pipes to the ground, or rain water enters the sewers, thereby reducing the cost-effectiveness of the water plant's operations. This may also lead to higher customer charges for water users in the longer term.

In KeyAqua, the water balance calculation tool can be used to calculate the water balance based on geographic areas, which allows various leakage water analyzes to be performed.

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Integrated design, construction and telecom network management

By Justin Reid on Nov 2, 2021 6:08:13 PM

As existing network operators and alternative network (AltNet) start-ups push the boundaries of FTTH project scale and speed of deployment, all aspects of a network lifecycle are being scrutinized for operational efficiencies. With a goal to be 'first-to-market', underserved towns and villages will soon have gigabit speed broadband options with incumbent providers or fast-moving AltNets, both of whom are planning, designing and construction at velocities never seen before. Within the UK market, providers are reviewing how to break-down the data and workflow silos that have previously existed between Engineering and Construction. The core theme in these initiatives is to drive GIS alignment between all stakeholders, both internal as well as within the contractor community.

To support the stakeholder collaboration and project milestones, new GIS-based tools and technology ecosystems are forming as operators are looking for operational advantages to achieve the controls, reporting and return on capital investment of deploying lightning speed broadband fast, first and with absolute project control. One such, very quickly expanding, UK alternative network provider (named confidential for competitive positioning) evaluated and brought together Best-In-Class GIS-based tools to seamlessly bridge the design-build-maintain phases of their 250M£ network build.

Vitruvi Software and KeyCom by Keypro have been deployed to date. In the near future the solutions will provide full system-to-system data exchange. Fully featured designs are ingested into Vitruvi for survey and construction build with completed as-built data and close-offs then exported into KeyCom for network management. The key to this workflow success if interoperability between system APIs and the core GIS capabilities of both technology platforms.

For more information, please click this link: Build your fibre network faster

About Vitruvi:

Developed by an industry team that has “lived the problem” of deploying complex network projects, Vitruvi Software is an innovative end-to-end telecom construction management platform that modernizes construction operations, drives cost savings and increases accuracy in data reporting. Linking directly to network design and PNI tools, Vitruvi removes the barriers between engineering/construction data and workflows. By aggregating designs, documents, photos, schedules, as well as financial and construction production data, all project stakeholders can access a true single source-of-truth and maintain real-time visibility into build status. Vitruvi is available on desktop and on mobile Android and iOS devices. Discover more at

  • GIS enabled construction management interface
  • Links directly to network designs and Openreach PIA data
  • Integrated cost and schedule
  • Mobile field and production reporting
  • ‘As-built’ markups and redlines from mobile
  • End-to-end workflows and task dependencies
  • Multi-stakeholder collaboration in real-time
  • Open APIs with geoJSON capability

About Keypro:

Keypro Oy is a software and services company specializing in network and spatial data solutions. Keypro customers are the owners, contractors, designers, and operators of various underground and surface networks. Keypro serves more than 300 customers, covering telecommunications networks, water supply networks, electricity distribution, street lighting, district heating and natural gas. As an internationally unique company, Keypro offers both expert services in the field of information and software. Internationally, Keypro delivers professional services and online data solutions to several countries via its expanding partner network.

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Deployment of water network GIS solution

By Jari-Paavo Raninen on Oct 27, 2021 2:09:56 PM

The deployment of the new KeyAqua SaaS (Software as a Service) geographical information system is easy and fast if all necessary preparations have been done before deployment.

The water utility places an order for a KeyAqua GIS system based on offer which is created by Keypro or our Partner. Offer defines the scope of the delivery including pricing and other services included. KeyAqua GIS is the system with optional features and services where the water-, sewer and stormwater network information will be managed.

First, responsible account manager holds a kick-off meeting with the water utility and partner to go through the necessary details. At this point, customer’s and partner's involvement is essential to get the necessary topics discussed and agreed upon. The kick-off meeting is the most important meeting of the entire project, as it defines necessary details and additional optional features that can be activated for the environment, such as interfaces etc.

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Hydraulic modeling of water supply network

By Jaakko Aroheinä on Oct 5, 2021 12:47:47 PM

Our hydraulic modeling projects always start with inspecting and improving network documentation quality. This is to ensure that the modeling results represent the real world as accurately as possible. You can learn more how to improve quality of documentation here. But what are the pros of modeling? What does it offer to our customers? Shortly, the answer is money and time.

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Pushing through network boundaries

By Mika Vättö on Sep 23, 2021 2:29:08 PM

In this webinar, organised by Setics, Keypro and PacketFront, you will see an example of how to make the automation possible without starting a massive and high-risk multi million project expenditure. Experts will show a way to navigate through the process easier, faster and cheaper.

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Better water network investments through analysis

By Noora Liljanto on Sep 17, 2021 11:14:32 AM

Prioritizing water network renovations is a topical theme for all water utilities. Renovation debt is growing, and it is estimated that the number of renovations should even tripled in near future to restructure the aging network in a timely manner. However, that is not realistic and would also lead to unreasonable increases in the price of water for the consumers. Thus, more criteria other than one's own feeling about the condition of the network or just the age of the network are needed. The subject is important, and also very broad. It can easily be difficult to see how the topic could be approached and how to get started.

I encourage to start with simple steps, and then proceed after topic is more familiar. By utilizing the network information system, it is possible to make an analysis of network information with even a little effort, which can be utilized in the planning of renovations. The initial situation of each water utility is different, and the accuracy of the analysis should be adjusted accordingly.

The basic idea is this: First, ensure that the data is stored in the system, in the right format in the right place, and that the data is maintained. After that, utilizing a variety of analyzes will take you toward prioritized renovation planning.

My own recommendation is to first allocate resources to update the location information of the network. This way you know location and length of the network. Next, you may want to update your network construction year. I also encourage you to update the estimated construction years as well, as indicative information is better than completely missing information. Furthermore, I suggest to document the level of accuracy of the data (“year of construction is estimated”). I also recommend to identify critical pipes and critical water users already in the first rough-level analyzes.

Once the location data and construction years have been reviewed, it is worth taking more criteria into the analyzes. Water balance, leakage water, observed condition i.e. leaks are good examples. In addition, other criticality factors can be used, such as groundwater areas.

Regardless of the number of criteria, the condition index calculation and pipe classification tool of the network information system is a good analysis tool for perceiving a large data mass. It allows fragmented and extensive information to be visualized in an easy-to-understand format. It can also be used to compare fitness rating, criticality rating and a combination of these. The final decision on the order of reorganization is always made by the person, but the analysis helps in decision-making. Thus, the analysis helps to transform tacit information, network information, and other criteria into an understandable and comparable format.

Topics: Water smart water
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recruitment ended - Product Marketing Manager

By Keypro on Sep 9, 2021 8:07:57 AM

Keypro is now looking for Products Marketing Manager to strengthen the software development unit and work on building a vision and product strategy for Cable Network Information Systems and Asset Management product for domestic and international markets.

Topics: Recruitment
1 min read

recruitment ended - Customer Success Manager

By Keypro on Sep 9, 2021 8:04:37 AM

Keypro is now looking for Customer Success Manager to strengthen the partner network further. Are You the expert we are looking for?

Topics: Recruitment
1 min read

Fibernet opts for Keypro and PacketFront to streamline their FTTH roll-out

By Keypro on Sep 6, 2021 10:02:42 AM

Stockholm and Helsinki, 2021-9-6

Topics: Telecom Press Release
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KeyCom GIS overview for telecom networks

By Olli Kaukola on Aug 31, 2021 1:01:12 PM

How to operate and manage telecom network assets efficiently? Read our KeyCom GIS overview to see how we can help telecom network professionals to maintain and operate their network better.

HubSpot Video


Geographical information system called KeyCom is a browser-based system for telecom network owners, contractors, planners and other internal and external stakeholders to manage and document their telecom networks. Online network inventory includes all relevant network objects, their locations, connections and attribute information. With KeyCom telecom business professionals including all stakeholders can manage their daily network planning and operations more efficiently and transparently. This enables possibility to plan future network expansion for upcoming years in a transparent and systematic way.

Topics: Telecom
1 min read

KeyDH GIS overview for heating and cooling networks

By Olli Kaukola on Aug 27, 2021 9:23:51 AM

How to operate and manage district heating and cooling network assets efficiently? Read our KeyDH GIS overview to see how we can help heating and cooling network professionals to maintain and operate their network better.

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Geographical information system called KeyDH is a browser-based system for district heating and cooling network owners, contractors, planners and other internal and external stakeholders to manage and document their heating and cooling networks. Online network inventory includes all relevant network objects, their locations, connections and attribute information. With KeyDH district heating business professionals including all stakeholders can manage their daily network maintenance planning, operations and tasks more efficiently and transparently. This enables possibility to plan future network investments for upcoming years in a transparent and systematic way.

Topics: District Heating
1 min read

KeyLight GIS overview for lighting networks

By Olli Kaukola on Aug 25, 2021 8:38:22 AM

How to manage streetlight and traffic light network assets and make sure that all network operations are managed and operated efficiently? Read our KeyLight GIS overview to see how we can help outdoor lighting network professionals.

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Geographical information system called KeyLight is a browser-based system for lighting network owners, contractors, planners and other stakeholders to manage and document their streetlight- and traffic light networks. Network inventory includes all relevant network objects, their locations, connections and attribute information. With KeyLight lighting business professionals including all external stakeholders can manage their daily network maintenance operations and tasks more efficiently and plan future network investments for upcoming years in a transparent and systematic way.

Topics: Lighting
1 min read

KeyAqua GIS Overview For Water Networks

By Olli Kaukola on Aug 25, 2021 8:17:12 AM

How to manage water-, sewer- and stormwater network assets and make sure that all network operations are efficient? Read our KeyAqua GIS overview to see how we can help water network professionals. 

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Geographical information system called KeyAqua is a browser-based system for water company to manage and document their water-, sewer- and stormwater networks. Network inventory includes all relevant network objects, their locations, connections and attribute information. With KeyAqua water business professionals including all external stakeholders can manage their network operations more efficiently and plan future network investments in a transparent and systematic way.

KeyAqua includes tools and features for network search, highlighting, analysis and reporting based on ducts and nodes locations and attribute information. Using these tools water company can understand the condition of the network, create easy to understand visualizations for everyone and start planning future maintenance tasks.

In addition KeyAqua system can be interfaced with different other IT-systems such as CRM, remote metering, SCADA, hydraulic modeling, water balance calculation, map services etc. Connecting several systems with interfaces ensures data flow between tools and creates even more possibilities to use, analyze and visualize existing network, customer and metering data to make network operations more efficient.

Using these tools and optional modules water company can also improve customer satisfaction by informing end users for water supply interruptions using public fault map and communicate ongoing and future maintenance breaks with visualized maps using text messages.

KeyAqua is central view of your network including relevant data to help water business professionals provide high quality and low-cost drinking water to end users now and in a future.

See KeyAqua product teaser video below.

HubSpot Video
Topics: Water
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Fibre GIS for UK operator needs

By Toni Paila on Aug 24, 2021 1:00:01 PM

In the United Kingdom many existing and new communications providers are planning their fibre network deployments utilizing the British Telecom's available ducts. BT's Openreach makes this possible via Physical Infrastructure Access (PIA) service. The service has evolved from a map based view to a web service that securely allows communication providers to access the duct and other infrastructure data such as joint boxes, poles and manholes. Soon the service will allow also handling of Notices of Intent (NOI).

Keypro is serving several communication providers in the UK with the KeyCom GIS and network information solution. To meet the needs of the UK market, Keypro has developed interface to the Openreach PIA service. The communications provider using KeyCom can request the PIA data that is then made available in the Keypro's GIS and network information solution KeyCom. Only two steps are needed to get this working. First, the communications provider needs to complete the PIA API onboarding with Openreach. Keypro can assist or even complete the onboarding if the operator so wants. Once completed, Keypro will install operator's own API to KeyCom and the PIA feature is activated.

Openreach PIA data is useful in the KeyCom GIS system in many ways. It supports network planning and serves as reference. The PIA infrastrucure data can be displayed in the familiar Openreach style, or if the communications provider so wants, it can be themed in a different way to meet the need of the end users. For the benefit of British communications providers Keypro also includes relevant open Ordnance Survey Data Hub and OpenStreetMap data in KeyCom to complement the system for the background maps usage.

Topics: Telecom
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How to use water network information for maintenance

By Olli Kaukola on Aug 10, 2021 4:56:15 PM

High quality and detailed network documentation can give excellent results when planning future water supply network investments and daily maintenance planning. Condition and value of the network can be defined very accurately, and this helps significantly when water company is thinking how and where available resources now and in future should be assigned. Also, yearly future investments can be planned so that network can be maintained without creating more renovation debt and risking high quality water distribution to end users. Optimizing capital expenses and operating expenses is the key to keep water quality high and costs as low as possible.

Topics: Water
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Utilities long-term needs

By Noora Liljanto on Jul 20, 2021 11:16:17 AM

Topics: District Heating Water Gas collaboration smart water
3 min read

Smart Water Project

By Noora Liljanto on Jun 29, 2021 4:44:22 PM

Topics: Water smart water
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The Importance of Technical Collaboration

By Toni Paila on Jun 29, 2021 11:17:30 AM

Fibre optical network operators have a lot to decide when they start to build or extend their network. Besides the necessary infrastructure investments, there is lot to consider in terms of software and services solutions that support fibre rollout. Growing operators will need to select tools for planning, building, documenting, and finally operating the network. In fact, each of these main lifecycle stages breaks down into further details, making the list of decisions even longer. In addition, the network operators need to decide how to run activities to support very diverse stakeholder needs, such as working with contractors, reporting to authorities, and protecting their network from accidental digging related damages.

Under the burden of many decisions to make, the growing network operators often find themselves in a situation where they need to select tools now. These selections will have a major impact on the future decisions that they can make. The market situation does not make this easier either – there are dozens of software solutions and providers to select from. This is reminiscent of piling up parts from various dealers and assembling a working car by yourself. We often hear operators asking: “Is there any way to reduce risks and costs deriving from all these decisions?”

To address the challenge and to make the life of a network operator much easier, forward looking solution providers have decided to collaborate. The key to collaboration lies in two main principles. Firstly, the solutions must be compatible. By compatible we mean that the solutions interoperate either in real time over an interface or share a common data format in a way that is perfectly understood and maintained at all times. Secondly, the solutions must come with customer service. No integration is perfectly suited to all situations out of box. There are always bits and pieces that need tinkering to satisfy a specific customer’s needs. The eagerness and ability to serve these customers under the time and budget pressure is what sets apart a true service from a mere a software product.

At Keypro we are proud to say that we have lived and experienced all of this. And we have a wonderful team of like-minded software providers to complement our network inventory and GIS solutions. Our KeyCom GIS and network information solution is interoperable with Setics' automated planning solution, Vitruvi's field operations solution and PacketFront's active network provisioning and orchestration solution. And via our actively expanding JSON/REST API framework we are adding new team members as we speak.

We invite all fibre operators to join our team and get the fruits of the collaboration. That is, interoperability and dedication to serve your operations no matter which size you are and where you are located.

Topics: Telecom collaboration
3 min read

Development of information security at Keypro

By Kari Westerman on Jun 15, 2021 9:37:42 AM


Word monsters and abbreviations. That rumble could go on almost indefinitely. Lots of security issues: technology, certifications, processes, guidelines, policies, training, etc.
Is the world full of all this today and is this all necessary? Yes it is!

The world has changed and is becoming more and more insecure. At the same time, the systems are becoming more complex. The EU Data Protection Regulation has defined sanctions for data leaks and it also increases the need to understand security issues and to adopt security technologies. Customers are also constantly demanding better security from software service providers and that is a good thing!

We should not forget the needs of physical security: locking, access control, and alarm systems. These so-called traditional security solutions are still as important as ever and maybe even more important today. Then how this whole security can be managed?

Resourcing, both human resources and cost challenges must be under control. In fact, it is not always necessary to know everything, there are many information security development partners in this area as well who can help. However, it is essential that the company has appointed someone who can take responsibility and develop security operations as a whole.

It is necessary to divide information security into technical information security and administrative part, and at the same time remember also physical security. Together, all of these components support each other and they are used to create a company security policy and framework to move forward.

Security is also a measure of quality and that is meant to be improved. Also, security is not something that can be bought out of the box solution and then be completely forgotten. It is a system that needs to be constantly managed and developed as the world changes and security comes with it.

Security work is also largely risk management and the ISO27001 security certificate is also largely part of this risk management work. Security issues are also approached strongly from a risk perspective and these risks are mostly global issues (war, pandemic, regional conflicts, etc.) or they can be very small internal risks that have been identified and documented by the company itself. Thus, even a local shortage of security experts may well be a risk.

When quality is systematically monitored and developed, the same can be done for information security. The annual clock idea in data management is an excellent tool. When the security tools, management and policies are in place, then for example, an external company could come to review implemented security policies and technologies. That's when the audit work begins. Acquisition of certificates and all security work must cover the entire company, including the company's top management and board. Management involvement in security work is key to success.

So what has been done at Keypro Oy regarding this?

Practically exactly the same things as listed above. Keypro Oy has been doing systematic work in the management of information security for a long time and one of the achievements is the ISO27001 information security certificate. This certificate always requires an audit by an external company annually to keep the certificate valid and the company's security up to date. Keypro's top management has been very active in developing security policies.

Topics: Information security
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Push throught network boundaries

By Keypro on Jun 11, 2021 10:19:44 AM

Topics: Telecom
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Import Network information to KeyAqua GIS

By Olli Kaukola on Jun 4, 2021 1:17:26 PM

Usually, one of the most common questions during water supply GIS software procurement process from water utilities is that how do they import their existing network information from old documentation and other data sources to KeyAqua. In following sections, we cover most important things what water utilities should know about the data import to GIS solutions.

Topics: Water
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Geomatikk Group to join forces with Keypro Oy

By Keypro on May 31, 2021 9:55:14 AM

Helsinki, Finland and Oslo, Norway 31st May 2021: Geomatikk Group (“Geomatikk”), and Keypro Oy (“Keypro”) have signed a share purchase agreement, Geomatikk will under this agreement acquire 100% of the shares in Keypro Oy. Closing is planned on 10th June 2021, contingent upon approvals.

The terms of the transaction are not disclosed.

Keypro is a leading company within the Network Information System (NIS) sector in Europe, providing software to document various types of infrastructure, including electronic communication networks, electricity networks, water supply, gas distribution and district heating networks.

Geomatikk, which is already an industry leader in the Nordics and headquartered in Oslo, Norway, has recently entered the UK and is planning to expand further into the Northern European region. Geomatikk is backed by its majority investor Hg, a leading global investor in software and services.

The acquisition is a logical next step after Keypro and Geomatikk have cooperated for some time. Geomatikk is a distributor of Keypro software in Norway, Sweden and the UK, and the parties have developed a solution to exchange enquiries for the check before you dig service in Finland – launched this spring.

“Geomatikk and Keypro have complementary businesses and there are several advantages to joining forces and providing a complete offering of documentation and protection services for network owners.” says Knut Bratsberg, CEO of Geomatikk. “This is particularly true in the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) sector in Europe which is growing rapidly. There is increasing demand from customers for a combined software and services solution which we can now offer. Together we will continue to become a one-stop source for network owners and the construction industry across Northern Europe.”

Keypro Oy will continue as a separate legal entity with the same products and services following the acquisition. Becoming part of Geomatikk will provide more resources and opportunities for further development and market access for the Keypro software suite.

“These are very exciting times for Keypro and Geomatikk, with some great benefits to the customers of both businesses. This will, for instance, provide beneficial synergies in Finland – the countrywide field coverage of Geomatikk Finland is complementary to the strong offering provided by Keypro’s safe to dig service. Together both companies will look to improve the service for network owners and excavation companies,” said Ari Rummukainen, Chairman of Keypro.

For more information please contact:

Ari Rummukainen, Keypro, +358 5051 49631
Knut Bratsberg or Jarmo Jormakka, Geomatikk, +47 9013 1218 / +358 40 568 3355

Topics: Press Release collaboration
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Interface KeyAqua with third party IT-systems

By Olli Kaukola on May 14, 2021 12:04:24 PM

In a modern water business environment, the amount of information created every day is constantly increasing and getting more complex. Technology companies like IoT and remote metering manufacturers are creating new ways to collect measurement data from the water-, sewer- and stormwater networks. The amount of data collection devices is growing exponentially all the time and new services are introduced. This creates new kind of possibilities to water company to analyze the network status, but it also creates challenges regarding data management and data flow between different systems. So how to manage and use all collected data efficiently? How to ensure data flow between systems and make sure that you have necessary data in right place available for all stakeholders?

Topics: Water
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Recruitment ended - Technical writer / Product trainer (Finnish)

By Keypro on May 10, 2021 12:16:27 PM

Työtehtäviisi kuuluvat tuotteidemme loppukäyttäjien dokumentaation tuottaminen ja asiakkaiden kouluttaminen tuotteiden käyttöön.

Tulet työskentelemään tiiviisti sovelluskehitystiimimme kanssa luodaksesi vahvan tuotetietämyksen, jolla saat tuotettua sisältöä loppukäyttäjädokumentaatioon (esim. käyttöohjekirjat). Tulet koordinoimaan käännöksiä ja muita tehtäviä tiimimme kanssa. Tehtäviisi kuuluu myös koulutusmateriaalien valmistaminen ja loppukäyttäjäkoulutus asiakkaillemme.

Arvostamme vastuun ottamista tehtävistä, proaktiivista otetta ja halua sekä oppia että opettaa uusia työtapoja, teknologioita ja sovelluksia. Edellytämme sinulta sujuvaa englannin kielen taitoa, halua oppia uutta, ottaa haltuun isoja asiakokonaisuuksia yksityiskohtia unohtamatta ja sujuvaa kirjallista ilmaisua.

Tarjoamme sinulle vakaan, monipuolisen ja kansainvälisen oppimis- ja kehittymisympäristön oletpa sitten aloittelija tai asiantuntija. Teknisen kirjoittajan/tuotekouluttajan tehtävä on kokoaikainen ja toistaiseksi voimassa oleva työsuhde kuuden kuukauden koeajalla.

Lähetä hakemuksesi palkkatoiveineen 28.5.2021 mennessä osoitteella

Lisätietoja tehtävästä antaa Katja Kareinen

Kutsumme hakijoita haastatteluun jo hakuaikana. Tehtävä täytetään heti sopivan henkilön löydyttyä.

Topics: Recruitment
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Improving quality of water network documentation

By Jaakko Aroheinä on May 5, 2021 9:09:36 AM

The network data and documentation of water companies is often documented poorly with bad quality. Locations of ducts and water nodes are converted long time ago from paper maps to different CAD/GIS systems and then converted even further to modern network information systems, like KeyAqua. Even though the data might have been accurate in the old maps, quality, attributes, and location information might have been lost after multiple conversions.

Topics: Water
3 min read

Vision of Water-, Heating- and Gas products

By Noora Liljanto on Apr 14, 2021 10:58:37 AM

I have just completed a long, comprehensive and important project regarding our long-term plan for water-, gas- and district heating NIS-products. As a result of the project, we have clarified the purpose of the products, the vision and the priorities for the coming years. In addition, we have a clear indicative roadmap for the next three years. Now that this is documented in one package, it’s easier to take topics systematically and step-by-step into product development sprints. In addition, topics are easier to discuss and brainstorm with customers and partners when projects have names and tentative schedules. 

Topics: District Heating Water Gas
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Recruitment ended - software developers

By Keypro on Apr 13, 2021 11:02:34 AM

Keypro is a Finnish multi-expert in the field of geospatial solution and network information software. We develop world-class software and various expert services in areas that are critical to society. They include telecommunications, water supply, lighting and energy distribution networks.

Topics: Recruitment
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PacketFront Software and Keypro sign partnership

By Keypro on Mar 22, 2021 10:13:43 AM

Stockholm and Helsinki, 2021-03-24

Topics: Telecom Press Release
5 min read Terms of use update

By Keypro on Mar 22, 2021 10:02:37 AM

Topics: collaboration
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Recruitment ended - Asiakaspalvelutyöntekijä (Finnish)

By Keypro on Feb 18, 2021 12:56:22 PM

Asiakaspalvelutyöntekijä -tiimiin, Keypro Oy, Joensuu.

Topics: Recruitment
2 min read

Streamline processes by sharing water network documentation

By Olli Kaukola on Jan 31, 2021 4:08:31 PM

Is your water-, sewer- and stormwater network infrastructure as built documentation up to date? Can you share all data easily and fast with your internal and external stakeholders like managers, planners, and contractors field personnel? How to make necessary data available for everyone?

Topics: Water
1 min read

Recruitment ended - Software Architect

By Keypro on Jan 26, 2021 1:17:20 PM

Keypro is a Finnish multi-expert in the field of geospatial solution and network information software. We develop world-class software and various expert services in areas that are critical to society. They include telecommunications, water supply, lighting and energy distribution networks.

Topics: Recruitment
2 min read

Geomatikk Expands Partnership with Keypro to Provide GIS Solutions in the United Kingdom

By Keypro on Jan 12, 2021 9:46:35 AM

Oslo, Norway; Vantaa, Finland (January 12, 2021). Geomatikk and Keypro announce today the expansion of partnership between the companies, now also covering the United Kingdom.

Topics: Telecom Press Release collaboration
1 min read

Focus resources better by understanding water supply network behavior

By Olli Kaukola on Dec 10, 2020 11:23:00 AM

Do you have leaks in your water supply network? Do you know where they are and what is the amount on non-revenue water? If planned or unexpected changes happen in your network, do you know how it affects your network behavior?

Topics: Water
2 min read

Alliance Software and Keypro partnership in philippines

By Keypro on Dec 3, 2020 3:24:28 PM

Cebu, Philippines; Vantaa, Finland (December 4, 2020). We are happy to announce the strategic partnership between Alliance Software Inc., a leading Filipino IT solutions and services company, and Keypro Oy, a global Finnish company focused on streamlining Geographic Information Systems and network information management. This partnership aims to strengthen the digital network of utility companies in the Philippines by providing high quality, detailed, and up-to-date network information available to all stakeholders.

Topics: Water Press Release collaboration
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recruitment ended - customer support (Finnish)

By Keypro on Dec 2, 2020 8:59:53 AM

Asiakastukihenkilö, Keypro Oy, Joensuu

Keypro Oy on suomalainen verkko- ja paikkatietoratkaisuihin erikoistunut ohjelmisto- ja palveluyritys yli kahdenkymmenen vuoden ammattitaidolla.

Etsimme innostunutta henkilöä liittymään asiakastuen tiimiimme. Asiakastukihenkilönä työskentelet asiakasrajapinnassa omassa tiimissä , yhteistyössä sovelluskehityksen ja asiantuntijapalveluiden yksiköiden kanssa. Työsi on vaikuttaa tuotteidemme ja palveluidemme laadun parantamiseen ja asiakastyytyväisyyteen. Vastaat asiakastuesta puhelimitse ja sähköpostitse.

Jos olet:
- tarkka yksityiskohtien kanssa
- omaat itsenäisen ja innovatiivisen työotteen
- osaat ajatella asioita eri näkökulmista
- olet nopea hahmottamaan kokonaisuuksia
- asiakaspalveluhenkinen ja
- sinulla on linux komentoriviosaamista
olet etsimämme henkilö.

Eduksi katsotaan:
- CAD-ohjelmien tuntemus
- Jira/Confluencen järjestelmän tuntemus
- Freshdesk järjestelmän tuntemus
- Keypron järjestelmien tuntemus
Asiakastukihenkilön tehtävä on täysiaikainen ja vakituinen tehtävä Joensuussa. Työn aloitusajankohta sovitaan valitun henkilön kanssa. Tehtävään sisältyy 6 kuukauden koeaika.

Lähetä hakemuksesi palkkatoiveineen viimeistään 18.12.2020 osoitteeseen
Lisätietoja tehtävästä antaa Mikhail Alexeev,

Topics: Recruitment
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Improve water company’s customer satisfaction by communicating with customers

By Olli Kaukola on Nov 19, 2020 11:23:00 AM

Communication between different stakeholders and especially with end customers has always been challenging task. Customers are expecting high quality service and are not happy when something isn't working. No matter how good water supply network operations and maintenance is, eventually something breaks and it causes unexpected supply interruption for several water subscribers. Immediately water company’s customer service email and phone is filled with information requests from not very happy end customers. Everyone wants to know what is happening, when supply interruption will be over and does this affect somehow to quality of drinking water.

Topics: Water
1 min read

Systematic approach to manage maintenance tasks in water supply networks

By Olli Kaukola on Nov 5, 2020 11:21:00 AM

Water companies have significant amount of network assets underground which require constant maintenance and care to ensure high quality drinking water to end customers. These  networks includes several different yearly recurring maintenance tasks what needs to be done in time to ensure well-functioning network. Neglecting these tasks might lead to water quality problems or constantly happening supply interruptions.

Topics: Water
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Recruitment ended - junior software test engineer

By Keypro on Oct 23, 2020 12:50:53 PM

We are searching for enthusiastic Junior Software Test Engineer to join and strengthen our QA
team. At this position you will be working closely within QA -team and co-operate with product
managers, deployment and development teams. Your work will directly contribute to improved
quality of our products and services – you will create and execute testing plans, automate tests and execute manual testing when necessary. Together with our testing experts you will define QA processes and will be involved in product and services development process from start to finish.

We expect you to have knowledge in testing, knowledge of testing methodologies and
understanding of agile software development process. Knowledge and skills in test automation
tools will be considered as additional advantage.

If you pay attention to details, are independent and innovative, think outside the box and are quick to understand big picture - you are the one we are looking for.

We offer this full-time permanent position in Joensuu, Finland.
Job starts as agreed, as soon as possible.

Topics: Recruitment
1 min read

Long term maintenance planning increases cost-efficiency in water supply networks

By Olli Kaukola on Oct 22, 2020 11:20:00 AM

Are you having hard time to create long term investment and maintenance plans for your water supply network? Are you using all your limited resources to fix only acute problems and no time to plan future renovations and investments?

Topics: Water
2 min read

Keypro delivers KeyCom Network Information System to DNA Plc in Finland

By Keypro on Oct 2, 2020 3:38:26 PM

DNA Plc, one of the largest telecommunications providers in Finland, and Keypro Oy, the leading provider of network information and GIS solutions, today announced a major new contract. Keypro delivers KeyCom, the physical and logical network inventory solution to DNA.

Topics: Telecom Press Release collaboration