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Jari-Paavo Raninen

Jari-Paavo is our Duct-product deployment team lead. Jari-Paavo is interested in making our deployments fast and also as smooth as possible.

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Deployment of water network GIS solution

By Jari-Paavo Raninen on Oct 27, 2021 2:09:56 PM

The deployment of the new KeyAqua SaaS (Software as a Service) geographical information system is easy and fast if all necessary preparations have been done before deployment.

The water utility places an order for a KeyAqua GIS system based on offer which is created by Keypro or our Partner. Offer defines the scope of the delivery including pricing and other services included. KeyAqua GIS is the system with optional features and services where the water-, sewer and stormwater network information will be managed.

First, responsible account manager holds a kick-off meeting with the water utility and partner to go through the necessary details. At this point, customer’s and partner's involvement is essential to get the necessary topics discussed and agreed upon. The kick-off meeting is the most important meeting of the entire project, as it defines necessary details and additional optional features that can be activated for the environment, such as interfaces etc.

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