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We are hiring - software developers

By Keypro on Apr 13, 2021 9:02:34 AM

Keypro is a Finnish multi-expert in the field of geospatial solution and network information software. We develop world-class software and various expert services in areas that are critical to society. They include telecommunications, water supply, lighting and energy distribution networks.

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PacketFront Software and Keypro sign partnership

By Keypro on Mar 22, 2021 8:13:43 AM

Stockholm and Helsinki, 2021-03-24

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5 min read Terms of use update

By Keypro on Mar 22, 2021 8:02:37 AM

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(Recruitment ended) - Asiakaspalvelutyöntekijä (Finnish)

By Keypro on Feb 18, 2021 10:56:22 AM

Asiakaspalvelutyöntekijä -tiimiin, Keypro Oy, Joensuu.

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Streamline processes by sharing water network documentation

By Keypro on Jan 31, 2021 2:08:31 PM

Is your water-, sewer- and stormwater network infrastructure as built documentation up to date? Can you share all data easily and fast with your internal and external stakeholders like managers, planners, and contractors field personnel? How to make necessary data available for everyone?

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Recruitment ended - Software Architect

By Keypro on Jan 26, 2021 11:17:20 AM

Keypro is a Finnish multi-expert in the field of geospatial solution and network information software. We develop world-class software and various expert services in areas that are critical to society. They include telecommunications, water supply, lighting and energy distribution networks.

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Geomatikk Expands Partnership with Keypro to Provide GIS Solutions in the United Kingdom

By Keypro on Jan 12, 2021 7:46:35 AM

Oslo, Norway; Vantaa, Finland (January 12, 2021). Geomatikk and Keypro announce today the expansion of partnership between the companies, now also covering the United Kingdom.

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Focus resources better by understanding water supply network behavior

By Keypro on Dec 10, 2020 9:23:00 AM

Do you have leaks in your water supply network? Do you know where they are and what is the amount on non-revenue water? If planned or unexpected changes happen in your network, do you know how it affects your network behavior?

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Alliance Software and Keypro partnership in philippines

By Keypro on Dec 3, 2020 1:24:28 PM

Cebu, Philippines; Vantaa, Finland (December 4, 2020). We are happy to announce the strategic partnership between Alliance Software Inc., a leading Filipino IT solutions and services company, and Keypro Oy, a global Finnish company focused on streamlining Geographic Information Systems and network information management. This partnership aims to strengthen the digital network of utility companies in the Philippines by providing high quality, detailed, and up-to-date network information available to all stakeholders.

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(recruitment has ended) - customer support (Finnish)

By Keypro on Dec 2, 2020 6:59:53 AM

Asiakastukihenkilö, Keypro Oy, Joensuu

Keypro Oy on suomalainen verkko- ja paikkatietoratkaisuihin erikoistunut ohjelmisto- ja palveluyritys yli kahdenkymmenen vuoden ammattitaidolla.

Etsimme innostunutta henkilöä liittymään asiakastuen tiimiimme. Asiakastukihenkilönä työskentelet asiakasrajapinnassa omassa tiimissä , yhteistyössä sovelluskehityksen ja asiantuntijapalveluiden yksiköiden kanssa. Työsi on vaikuttaa tuotteidemme ja palveluidemme laadun parantamiseen ja asiakastyytyväisyyteen. Vastaat asiakastuesta puhelimitse ja sähköpostitse.

Jos olet:
- tarkka yksityiskohtien kanssa
- omaat itsenäisen ja innovatiivisen työotteen
- osaat ajatella asioita eri näkökulmista
- olet nopea hahmottamaan kokonaisuuksia
- asiakaspalveluhenkinen ja
- sinulla on linux komentoriviosaamista
olet etsimämme henkilö.

Eduksi katsotaan:
- CAD-ohjelmien tuntemus
- Jira/Confluencen järjestelmän tuntemus
- Freshdesk järjestelmän tuntemus
- Keypron järjestelmien tuntemus
Asiakastukihenkilön tehtävä on täysiaikainen ja vakituinen tehtävä Joensuussa. Työn aloitusajankohta sovitaan valitun henkilön kanssa. Tehtävään sisältyy 6 kuukauden koeaika.

Lähetä hakemuksesi palkkatoiveineen viimeistään 18.12.2020 osoitteeseen
Lisätietoja tehtävästä antaa Mikhail Alexeev,

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Improve water company’s customer satisfaction by communicating with customers

By Keypro on Nov 19, 2020 9:23:00 AM

Communication between different stakeholders and especially with end customers has always been challenging task. Customers are expecting high quality service and are not happy when something isn't working. No matter how good water supply network operations and maintenance is, eventually something breaks and it causes unexpected supply interruption for several water subscribers. Immediately water company’s customer service email and phone is filled with information requests from not very happy end customers. Everyone wants to know what is happening, when supply interruption will be over and does this affect somehow to quality of drinking water.

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Systematic approach to manage maintenance tasks in water supply networks

By Keypro on Nov 5, 2020 9:21:00 AM

Water companies have significant amount of network assets underground which require constant maintenance and care to ensure high quality drinking water to end customers. These  networks includes several different yearly recurring maintenance tasks what needs to be done in time to ensure well-functioning network. Neglecting these tasks might lead to water quality problems or constantly happening supply interruptions.

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Recruitment has ended - junior software test engineer

By Keypro on Oct 23, 2020 10:50:53 AM

We are searching for enthusiastic Junior Software Test Engineer to join and strengthen our QA
team. At this position you will be working closely within QA -team and co-operate with product
managers, deployment and development teams. Your work will directly contribute to improved
quality of our products and services – you will create and execute testing plans, automate tests and execute manual testing when necessary. Together with our testing experts you will define QA processes and will be involved in product and services development process from start to finish.

We expect you to have knowledge in testing, knowledge of testing methodologies and
understanding of agile software development process. Knowledge and skills in test automation
tools will be considered as additional advantage.

If you pay attention to details, are independent and innovative, think outside the box and are quick to understand big picture - you are the one we are looking for.

We offer this full-time permanent position in Joensuu, Finland.
Job starts as agreed, as soon as possible.

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Long term maintenance planning increases cost-efficiency in water supply networks

By Keypro on Oct 22, 2020 9:20:00 AM

Are you having hard time to create long term investment and maintenance plans for your water supply network? Are you using all your limited resources to fix only acute problems and no time to plan future renovations and investments?

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Keypro delivers KeyCom Network Information System to DNA Plc in Finland

By Keypro on Oct 2, 2020 1:38:26 PM

DNA Plc, one of the largest telecommunications providers in Finland, and Keypro Oy, the leading provider of network information and GIS solutions, today announced a major new contract. Keypro delivers KeyCom, the physical and logical network inventory solution to DNA.

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