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Deployment of water network GIS solution

Oct 27, 2021 2:09:56 PM

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The deployment of the new KeyAqua SaaS (Software as a Service) geographical information system is easy and fast if all necessary preparations have been done before deployment.

The water utility places an order for a KeyAqua GIS system based on offer which is created by Keypro or our Partner. Offer defines the scope of the delivery including pricing and other services included. KeyAqua GIS is the system with optional features and services where the water-, sewer and stormwater network information will be managed.

First, responsible account manager holds a kick-off meeting with the water utility and partner to go through the necessary details. At this point, customer’s and partner's involvement is essential to get the necessary topics discussed and agreed upon. The kick-off meeting is the most important meeting of the entire project, as it defines necessary details and additional optional features that can be activated for the environment, such as interfaces etc.

The better the customer's needs are known at this point, the better the results will be in terms of the speed and quality of system deployment. At this stage, it is also essential to know the details like coordinate system used by the customer so that the network documentation and the conversion of the existing water supply network materials can be seamless. When setting up new environment, a data conversion is usually done, in which all the existing documentation and materials of the water utility is transferred automatically or manually from different data sources to KeyAqua GIS. When defining and doing conversion, it is necessary to consider the following matters: the form and consistency of the documentation source material, meaning whether the source material has the necessary location and attribute information in coherent format for defining automatic import logic. Also other specific requirements and needs of the customer might affect amount of work needed to import data. The workload for different conversions varies very much based on existing data and end result what is wanted, so workload estimates are always defined with the customer each time. More information how to import network documentation to KeyAqua

What about the other necessary information needed in deployment phase?

The initial information and steps are clarified before the delivery is made. Additional features are available and include e.g. SMS communication, Fault  map, area-based access rights, Smart Water analysis functions and workflow management (KeyWork) and much more. The number of different interfaces often varies according to the size of the delivery and the available interfaces are, for example, customer information systems, remote meters or the Fluidit hydraulic modeling interface. Today, our REST API can be used by Partner or Customer to integrate KeyAqua with other necessary solutions. See more detailed information in our interfacing blog post.

What happens after the kick-off meeting?

The delivery steps at the rough level after the kick-off meeting are as follows: deploying and setting up the SaaS environment, data conversion, testing, customer training, possible customer test period, and deployment finalization meeting. In setting up the SaaS environment, the delivery team's experts prepare the environment for and install the agreed optional features. In the data conversion, the customer's data is imported into the system as agreed and then the testing team performs testing in the environment.

How is the system tested before it is handed over to the customer?

The default KeyAqua system will be tested right after deployment is done and each optional feature will be tested during the deployment phase by the testing team. The actual testing takes place after the data conversion and is handled by the separate testing team. The test team goes through forms and functionalities taking care of quality assurance. If bugs or deficiencies are found in the testing, they will go into repair either to our delivery team or to our KeyAqua development depending on the nature of the problem. In some cases, the customer also has the option of agreeing on a test period of a few weeks, for example, after which observations are taken up and any deficiencies fixed.

How is the customer trained in the use of the environment?

Training is usually done after system is fully deployed and ready to be used by the customer. The training is always agreed separately with the customer and the content of the training can be tailored to the customer's wishes and needs. It is also possible to receive very focused additional training later as agreed based on the need. Whenever possible, the training team is also attended by an expert from the delivery team, who helps with any questions and collects customer feedback.

When is administrator training necessary?

Admin training, ie administrator training, is necessary when the customer needs to act as an administrator in system management functions. Certain additional options, such as adding customer information to the system, require the use of the admin panel. In addition, with administrator rights, the customer can manage the user accounts in their own environment and their privileges. Usually, larger customers have one or a few Admin-level users, and the same people often act as customer contacts.

Why is a commissioning meeting important to us and the customer?

The commissioning meeting is important for both Keypro and the customer, as it ensures that the customer gets what was ordered and makes sure that everything is ready for the customer's use. The commissioning meeting is also a good opportunity for the customer to ask questions and think together about further actions or new joint projects.

How do we collect feedback after deployment and why?

Customer feedback and customer satisfaction is very important to us and we are constantly developing our operations based on feedback. We listen to customers by collecting feedback after implementation through a feedback survey and training. We also collect customer feedback for sales or support, process it, and define actions to improve things. Without customer feedback, we do not know whether we are moving in the right direction in terms of development and whether the product will meet the customer's needs and wishes in the future as well.

Thank you to our customers!

When a new customer is onboarding, it is also important that the customer is actively involved in the project and genuinely interested in cooperating with Keypro. In this way, everything goes smoothly and the delivery project is completed efficiently so that the customer's needs are taken into account and we avoid unnecessary hassle.

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