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Documentation services of water supply network

Jan 31, 2022 9:55:49 AM

KeyAqua documenting service

The deployment of a geographical information system for a new customer often begins with a data conversion. The purpose of the conversion, ie the automatic data migration, is to import the current water supply network documentation from various sources to the geographical information system, using special data processing tools and the data import logic built with them. After the programmatic conversion, the customer's imported network documentation is often corrected manually, for example due to the poor documentation quality level. In this case, for example, the connections of the network components to various equipments like valves in the water supply network are checked manually, missing network nodes are added, and the attributes and location information of the network objects are checked and updated.

When improvements of network documentation is done, it is possible to use miscellanous files, pictures and other information related to same area which has been dropped from data conversion due to illogical method and content of documentation. These materials can be attached as background material for the converted network. One possible task to make the network documentation better and more comprehensive is digitization. The quality of the network information can be somewhat improved, for example by positioning the scanned rasters on the map and digitizing the real water supply network on them. In this case, the mapping accuracy is also recorded on network object in connection with the digitization, so that it is later known how the documentation was created and what its level of accuracy is. All important information will be preserved.

Network documentation end result is often also adjusted according to water company needs and goals. Sometimes the project is larger and more comprehensive, in which case the documentation itself can be done at the customer's office location, or the customer can come to Keypro's office with the materials. In this case, it is possible to digitize even the so-called tacit information, that is, to gather orally the personal experience of the person in question about the location and characteristics of the network, which may not have been documented in any way before. Sometimes, in turn, only individual duct lines are documented based on the data provided. It is essential to document all the information that is available and with the accuracy that the information can collect. Everything related to the network documentation is useful and the mapping accuracy is also saved.

Some water companies also use the documentation service in the form of a continuous service after the deployment of the GIS. In this case, the network information maintenance customer submits the material specified in a separate agreement to Keypro for documentation, which is processed within the time period agreed in the maintenance agreement.

The surveying file provided by the customer is the easiest way to create new objects in the GIS. The KeyAqua GIS survey file import features can read survey files imported from a separate high precision GPS surveying device if the coding data sets of KeyAqua and the mapping device are consistent. If the surveying file has shortcomings so that Keyaqua cannot read it, the file will be corrected in these respects as well. At the same time, the coordinate system is checked and, if necessary, converted and corrected.

Upon separate agreement, a more detailed explanation of the material received through the field surveying contractor and its situation will be provided to the customer. Items that deviate from the field surveying instructions, such as height deviations to the planned height value, can be marked on the checklist. At the same time, the checklist serves as a checklist for the documenter so that all things agreed with the customer are done.

Even for a documentation specialist, it’s interesting and rewarding to see how a network owner’s documentation level increases and complements piece by piece. Whatever the starting level of the material to be documented, the investment in improving and maintaining the material is worthwhile. The more and more accurate information is available, the better network maintenance and investment can be planned. If the facility does not have sufficient own resources, it is a good idea to order the service from Keypro either on a one-time basis or on a continuous basis. In this way, the material remains in good condition and the locations and property information can be trusted.

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Sari Kinnunen

Written by Sari Kinnunen

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