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Focus resources better by understanding water supply network behavior

Dec 10, 2020 11:23:00 AM


Do you have leaks in your water supply network? Do you know where they are and what is the amount on non-revenue water? If planned or unexpected changes happen in your network, do you know how it affects your network behavior?

Massive amount of water companies globally shares the same problem: significant amount of pure drinking water is leaking out of the network somewhere somehow. Water companies are trying to fight against this problem by locating leak areas or trying to find out what is causing this significant amount of non-revenue water. There can be several reasons like water consumers do not have water subscription at all, water meter is totally missing or water is just leaking due to problems in old water distribution network.

Even more problems can cause unexpected network behavior when flow levels or pressure levels are changing significantly. This can be caused by new industrial water user who starts to use significant amount of water and this change has bigger impact on network.

To address and remove these problems, we have developed hydraulic modeling and water balance calculation features to our water network asset management system KeyAqua. Using these features water company can locate possible leak areas using water balance calculation and reduce non-revenue water. With hydraulic modeling feature it is possible to understand network behavior and see critical duct lines and possible problems beforehand by modeling different scenarios and see how network behaves.

In this webinar we will show how to use KeyAqua GIS for water balance calculation and hydraulic modeling. To learn more, check out our water webinar called “Understanding network behavior” here.

Want to know more about KeyAqua GIS? Click here to see more.

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Olli Kaukola

Written by Olli Kaukola

Olli works as a Sales Manager and is supporting Keypro's international partners to drive sales and marketing activities in selected countries. Olli's perspective is to create big picture with practical steps to move forward.