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Improve water company’s customer satisfaction by communicating with customers

Nov 19, 2020 11:23:00 AM


Communication between different stakeholders and especially with end customers has always been challenging task. Customers are expecting high quality service and are not happy when something isn't working. No matter how good water supply network operations and maintenance is, eventually something breaks and it causes unexpected supply interruption for several water subscribers. Immediately water company’s customer service email and phone is filled with information requests from not very happy end customers. Everyone wants to know what is happening, when supply interruption will be over and does this affect somehow to quality of drinking water.

Managing this communication causes lot of additional work for employees to answer all customer requests and manage unexpected situation in a professional manner to satisfy water subscribers. All resources should be focused on solving the situation at hand and time used for answering several emails and calls regarding the same topic is not cost-efficient or preferred way of working.

It is quite well-known fact that communicating to end customers before something happens or immediately when something has already happened, improves customer satisfaction  significantly. Very often water companies are missing tools, channels, and knowhow to make fast and real-time communication to their end customers.

Our water network management system KeyAqua includes features for customer communications. When planned maintenance break or other unexpected supply interruption happens, water company can search and highlight all affected customers on map, send text message (SMS) to all water subscribers to inform ongoing situation and at the same time create public fault map to inform affected area. This public fault map can be embedded to water company’s website.

In this webinar we will show how to use KeyAqua GIS to communicate with customers. To learn more, check out our water webinar called “Communicating with customers” here.

Want to know more about KeyAqua GIS? Click here to see more.

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Olli Kaukola

Written by Olli Kaukola

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