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KeyLight GIS overview for lighting networks

Aug 25, 2021 8:38:22 AM

How to manage streetlight and traffic light network assets and make sure that all network operations are managed and operated efficiently? Read our KeyLight GIS overview to see how we can help outdoor lighting network professionals.

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Geographical information system called KeyLight is a browser-based system for lighting network owners, contractors, planners and other stakeholders to manage and document their streetlight- and traffic light networks. Network inventory includes all relevant network objects, their locations, connections and attribute information. With KeyLight lighting business professionals including all external stakeholders can manage their daily network maintenance operations and tasks more efficiently and plan future network investments for upcoming years in a transparent and systematic way.

KeyLight includes tools and features for network search, highlighting, analysis and reporting based on lights, poles, cables, streetlight premises and other network object locations, connections and attribute information. Using these tools lighting network owners, contractors and planners can understand the condition of the network, create easy to understand visualizations for everyone and start planning more cost efficient future maintenance tasks.

In addition KeyLight network information system includes optional workflow management module and it can also be interfaced with different third party workflow management systems to ensure up-to-date network asset data in one system.

KeyLight is central view of your network to help lighting business professionals provide safe, pleasant, functional and low-cost outdoor lighting to residents now and in a future.

See KeyLight product teaser video below.

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