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Keypro GIS/NIS solutions available in Norway

Jun 3, 2022 12:37:03 PM

Geomatikk Keypro market entry

Keypro and Geomatikk together for the Norwegian market with GIS/NIS systems

Big news: we are happy and proud to announce, that Keypro network information software solutions are now available in Norway. For more information related to products, please see product pages at and websites.

Keypro rollup product line EN

User needs in Norway

We are eager to learn about Norwegian municipalities needs and to listen how we could help with our solutions. We have been visiting events in Norway to meet colleagues and users to hear from their needs. We did some demos of our products, and we had many interesting discussions with users.

b3510ca2-d9e8-4ce7-aa8a-40ebaeacc8ae (2)Photo: Magne and KeyAqua presentation in Geomatikk Customer event in Oslo, May 2022

What did we learn when demoing our products and meeting with users?

  • Many customers were pleased to hear that there is now more solutions available in the field, and the overall feeling and welcoming was positive
  • Importance of data security > we have data security ISO verification and overall this is our strength
  • There is need for analysis tools > this is also our strength
  • There is a need for data transfer between systems > We have Rest API and other interface solutions to connect with third party solutions, which allows the data utilization, for example hydraulic modelling, planning, reporting or data visualization solutions
  • Usability is high priority, and solutions need to save time, not consume it > this is also our strength: we have intuitive user interface and a brand new mobile interface optimized to field work. Also, we have good local support through Geomatikk, and they know user needs in Norway

Geomatikk and Keypro roles

Our aim is to provide the best GIS/NIS solution for end users through partnerships. We focus on what we are good at, and with help from our distribution and technology partners we deliver help and solution together for users. We believe that for good customer satisfaction, local presence is critical. Hence, we are happy to have our local partner Geomatikk who already is familiar with the network owners, their users and user needs. Keypro is taking care of product development, and Geomatikk manages the local customer support and projects related to deployment such as data conversions.

5fbdfb15-d86f-4ce5-9e1e-72ed665d234a-2Photo: Geomatikk personnel together with Noora and Olli in the Geomatikk Customer event in Oslo, May 2022

How to proceed? What is our plan?

  • We will continue discussion and ideation with the users and partners. Hence, we will be organizing ideation and networking meetings through Teams and on the spot
  • Next, we search for technology partners, and we aim to pilot data transfer between the solutions. Important partners for us include:
    • We need customer, consumer point and meter data from CRM solutions to provide communication and analysis tools
    • We need flow data from Scada or IoT providers to provide analysis tools
    • We are eager to provide our hydraulic modelling plug-in with our partner Fluidit
  • Last but not least: We search for piloting municipalities, to get started and to learn more together.

Thanks and hope to see you soon again!

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Noora Liljanto

Written by Noora Liljanto

Noora is our product marketing manager for KeyAqua, KeyDH and KeyGas. Noora's responsibility is long-term planning of the product and communicating with customers to listen feedback and to translate it to the technical teams. Noora's approach is transforming vision and strategy to practical level.