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Long term maintenance planning increases cost-efficiency in water supply networks

Oct 22, 2020 11:20:00 AM


Are you having hard time to create long term investment and maintenance plans for your water supply network? Are you using all your limited resources to fix only acute problems and no time to plan future renovations and investments?

Globally water supply networks have more and more technical repair debt and thus operational costs keep increasing all the time. Available resources are used to fix acute problems and very often it feels that there are no money nor time to make cost-efficient long-term plans for network maintenance and investments. Understanding network condition becomes significantly more important all the time. Without data availability and right kind of reporting it is very time consuming to figure out what should be done and where.

We have developed water network information management system to help water companies to solve these problems. With our geographical information system, you can document network condition with necessary attribute and location information and start creating thematic and visualization. This helps you to understand network overall situation and focus your resources now and in a future on a cost-efficient way. To put it simple: The goal is to locate problematic areas in network and critical duct lines so that limited resources can be focused on solving most significant problems within specified areas. Thus, the positive impact per money spend is as high as possible and customers get high quality drinking water cost-efficiently now and in a future.

With KeyAqua GIS you can find and locate old and not renovated duct lines where lot of leaks and other quality problems are happening often. Using different search, visualization, and thematic features these problems can be highlighted on map view in easy-to-understand way. This gives better understanding to network owner or contractor where maintenance resources should be focused to gain biggest impact and best cost-efficiency.

To learn more about how these features works and what are the benefits, check out our KeyAqua water webinar called “Understanding network condition and renovations” here.

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Olli Kaukola

Written by Olli Kaukola

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