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Population-based SMS communication

Nov 9, 2022 8:37:42 AM

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This population based text message (SMS) communication example is from Finland but method is applicable to all other countries who has one database for all municipal resident contact information.

KeyAqua and KeyDH network information systems are using municipal residents' contact information when sending text messages to inform customers related to important topics such as supply interruptions or quality problems. This information is obtained via interface from country specific population data source where all up-to-date contact information is stored and managed. KeyAqua and KeyDH text messaging service has now been upgraded so that water and heating users contact information is updated almost in real time via an automated interface solution between population data souce and network information solution. New interface solutions includes many benefits, such as better number coverage, better up-to-dateness of the data and removal of manual steps to update data.

KeyAqua SMS screenshot

Jari-Paavo, who is responsible for the deployment and maintenance of KeyAqua, KeyDH and KeyGas GIS products, is interviewed below in this blog.

What do you think of this interface solution?

The innovation is very good because it automates the availability of contact information using the API interface. In this way, our customers, i.e. the network owners, get up-to-date contact information to help with customer communications, and communication can also be better targeted at the right locations. Profinder (Finnish population contact information service) provides comprehensive and more accurate data for this use. The new interface implementation also enables expansion of the current functionality and further development better than the older solution.

Why did we want this change? How do we benefit from it?

We wanted updgrade this solution because it better meets the wishes and needs of the customers related to data quality and up-to-dateness of the data. This change automates operations also on the KeyAqua/KeyDH side and reduces the number of errors (human errors in manual work). This also makes internal operations more efficient and enables further development of the solution.

Why is this new technical solution a good thing for the customer?

New interface is a good thing from the customer's point of view, because the customer gets updated information at a more frequent pace, more accurate information and at the right locations. At the moment, the customer only needs to define the desired zip codes, based on which the contact information is retrieved. Postcodes can also be added and deleted later. After this, everything else comes automatically.

What hopes or ideas do we have for the future?

In the future, we will develop the automation of invoicing for contact information and the contact information area, a more precise definition of the network owner's area of ​​operation (postal codes vs. area of ​​operation) and we will expand the functionality according to the customers' wishes. For example, we considered how different language choices could be used and whether this technology could be used when maintaining the information of property managers or maintenance companies.


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