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Systematic approach to manage maintenance tasks in water supply networks

Nov 5, 2020 11:21:00 AM

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Water companies have significant amount of network assets underground which require constant maintenance and care to ensure high quality drinking water to end customers. These  networks includes several different yearly recurring maintenance tasks what needs to be done in time to ensure well-functioning network. Neglecting these tasks might lead to water quality problems or constantly happening supply interruptions.

Until now water companies have used many different non-transparent and not so systematic ways to manage their water, sewer, and stormwater network recurring maintenance tasks. Management, foreman and field personnel are often communicating and organizing daily tasks using different manual paper printouts, emails and Excel-files etc. when trying to coordinate these tasks. Also, company’s management is having hard time to get enough real-time visibility and accurate reports regarding status and situation for resourcing and planning purposes.

Without documented, systematic and transparent way to manage these tasks there is significant risk that some or many of the tasks get forgotten, not fixed, lost, and not documented. This affects network’s long term overall performance, operational cost-efficiency and service quality. Well documented maintenance plan and actions also works as a risk management tool to prove stakeholders that water supply network maintenance has been performed on time in case of problems occur.

Our network information management system KeyAqua includes workflow management feature as an optional module to create, assign, document, search and manage these network maintenance tasks in a transparent and systematic way across all company and its stakeholders.

To learn more about how water company can manage maintenance tasks using KeyAqua’s workflow management solution, check out our KeyAqua water network webinar called “Network maintenance task management” here.

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