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Waterverse project

By Noora Liljanto on Oct 21, 2022 12:58:56 PM

Data import and export are really important in the network information system. Our KeyAqua NIS/GIS is a good tool for collection, validation, preparation and/or harmonization of the heterogeneous data. In the project Waterverse, we will pilot selected use cases in the selected themes:  risk management, network management, asset management and leak water management.

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Development of KeyAqua, KeyDH and KeyGas: Summary of the year 2021

By Noora Liljanto on Dec 29, 2021 3:31:32 PM

In this blog, I summarize the year 2021 from my own perspective and explain you how we have involved our customers and users in the product development.

Dialogues with customers

I work as a product marketing manager in our KeyDuct team, meaning that I translate needs and messages between users and the developers of KeyAqua, KeyDH and KeyGas products. In our Product Strategy, we have defined the direction of our products for the next three years. Dialogues with our customers played an important role when defining the direction. The project clarified which new features our customers need the most. Equally important, however, were the findings related to the improvement of our existing tools. On the other hand, it is important for us to develop the product forward, but it is equally important to invest in the usability and user experience of existing functions. For this reason, I have spent a significant portion of my working hours this year engaging in dialogue with our software users. We have wanted to involve our customers very actively so that the everyday perspective can be heard and taken into account. In general, this means that usability and UX is also highlighted in our product strategy and we take it into account in our projects. 

Joint development team

In practical level, user orientation is implemented for example in our joint development team with our customers. This means that we regularly organize brainstorming meetings and involve our users in the product development process to define where we should develop the products. In addition, we are investing more in the preparation of use case descriptions when we are in the feature planning phase. We’ve also started a usability testing policy, and that’s a big help to us in improving the usability of the software. Usability testing has been of direct benefit to the development of our SMS service, fault map and pipeline forms. Some of the improvements have already been implemented, some will be implemented during the spring of 2022. In addition, usability testing and dialogues help us better understand customer and user needs, which is reflected in the long-term perspective and understanding the customer needs.  

Image: joint development team meeting in Turku 2021

Meeting our users in the field

In addition to user involvement in the ideation and the product development, it is important that we also meet concretely users in the fieldOnline meeting software Teams is a really handy tool that allows you to easily go through a wide variety of topics with many stakeholders at the same time. However, it does not completely replace face-to-face meeting and field visits: in the user’s own environment and meeting users with different use cases is really important. Fortunately, the opportunity for this was early in the year when Olli and I got to visit and learn about the maintenance operations in streetlight networks. In addition, I was able to visit several different customers in December, and we discussed, for example, the needs of surveyors and mobile users, the needs for service and maintenance, and the needs for data transfer between different software solutions. 

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Utilities long-term needs

By Noora Liljanto on Jul 20, 2021 11:16:17 AM

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The Importance of Technical Collaboration

By Toni Paila on Jun 29, 2021 11:17:30 AM

Fibre optical network operators have a lot to decide when they start to build or extend their network. Besides the necessary infrastructure investments, there is lot to consider in terms of software and services solutions that support fibre rollout. Growing operators will need to select tools for planning, building, documenting, and finally operating the network. In fact, each of these main lifecycle stages breaks down into further details, making the list of decisions even longer. In addition, the network operators need to decide how to run activities to support very diverse stakeholder needs, such as working with contractors, reporting to authorities, and protecting their network from accidental digging related damages.

Under the burden of many decisions to make, the growing network operators often find themselves in a situation where they need to select tools now. These selections will have a major impact on the future decisions that they can make. The market situation does not make this easier either – there are dozens of software solutions and providers to select from. This is reminiscent of piling up parts from various dealers and assembling a working car by yourself. We often hear operators asking: “Is there any way to reduce risks and costs deriving from all these decisions?”

To address the challenge and to make the life of a network operator much easier, forward looking solution providers have decided to collaborate. The key to collaboration lies in two main principles. Firstly, the solutions must be compatible. By compatible we mean that the solutions interoperate either in real time over an interface or share a common data format in a way that is perfectly understood and maintained at all times. Secondly, the solutions must come with customer service. No integration is perfectly suited to all situations out of box. There are always bits and pieces that need tinkering to satisfy a specific customer’s needs. The eagerness and ability to serve these customers under the time and budget pressure is what sets apart a true service from a mere a software product.

At Keypro we are proud to say that we have lived and experienced all of this. And we have a wonderful team of like-minded software providers to complement our network inventory and GIS solutions. Our KeyCom GIS and network information solution is interoperable with Setics' automated planning solution, Vitruvi's field operations solution and PacketFront's active network provisioning and orchestration solution. And via our actively expanding JSON/REST API framework we are adding new team members as we speak.

We invite all fibre operators to join our team and get the fruits of the collaboration. That is, interoperability and dedication to serve your operations no matter which size you are and where you are located.

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Geomatikk Group to join forces with Keypro Oy

By Keypro on May 31, 2021 9:55:14 AM

Helsinki, Finland and Oslo, Norway 31st May 2021: Geomatikk Group (“Geomatikk”), and Keypro Oy (“Keypro”) have signed a share purchase agreement, Geomatikk will under this agreement acquire 100% of the shares in Keypro Oy. Closing is planned on 10th June 2021, contingent upon approvals.

The terms of the transaction are not disclosed.

Keypro is a leading company within the Network Information System (NIS) sector in Europe, providing software to document various types of infrastructure, including electronic communication networks, electricity networks, water supply, gas distribution and district heating networks.

Geomatikk, which is already an industry leader in the Nordics and headquartered in Oslo, Norway, has recently entered the UK and is planning to expand further into the Northern European region. Geomatikk is backed by its majority investor Hg, a leading global investor in software and services.

The acquisition is a logical next step after Keypro and Geomatikk have cooperated for some time. Geomatikk is a distributor of Keypro software in Norway, Sweden and the UK, and the parties have developed a solution to exchange enquiries for the check before you dig service in Finland – launched this spring.

“Geomatikk and Keypro have complementary businesses and there are several advantages to joining forces and providing a complete offering of documentation and protection services for network owners.” says Knut Bratsberg, CEO of Geomatikk. “This is particularly true in the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) sector in Europe which is growing rapidly. There is increasing demand from customers for a combined software and services solution which we can now offer. Together we will continue to become a one-stop source for network owners and the construction industry across Northern Europe.”

Keypro Oy will continue as a separate legal entity with the same products and services following the acquisition. Becoming part of Geomatikk will provide more resources and opportunities for further development and market access for the Keypro software suite.

“These are very exciting times for Keypro and Geomatikk, with some great benefits to the customers of both businesses. This will, for instance, provide beneficial synergies in Finland – the countrywide field coverage of Geomatikk Finland is complementary to the strong offering provided by Keypro’s safe to dig service. Together both companies will look to improve the service for network owners and excavation companies,” said Ari Rummukainen, Chairman of Keypro.

For more information please contact:

Ari Rummukainen, Keypro, +358 5051 49631
Knut Bratsberg or Jarmo Jormakka, Geomatikk, +47 9013 1218 / +358 40 568 3355

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5 min read Terms of use update

By Keypro on Mar 22, 2021 10:02:37 AM

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Geomatikk Expands Partnership with Keypro to Provide GIS Solutions in the United Kingdom

By Keypro on Jan 12, 2021 9:46:35 AM

Oslo, Norway; Vantaa, Finland (January 12, 2021). Geomatikk and Keypro announce today the expansion of partnership between the companies, now also covering the United Kingdom.

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Alliance Software and Keypro partnership in philippines

By Keypro on Dec 3, 2020 3:24:28 PM

Cebu, Philippines; Vantaa, Finland (December 4, 2020). We are happy to announce the strategic partnership between Alliance Software Inc., a leading Filipino IT solutions and services company, and Keypro Oy, a global Finnish company focused on streamlining Geographic Information Systems and network information management. This partnership aims to strengthen the digital network of utility companies in the Philippines by providing high quality, detailed, and up-to-date network information available to all stakeholders.

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Keypro delivers KeyCom Network Information System to DNA Plc in Finland

By Keypro on Oct 2, 2020 3:38:26 PM

DNA Plc, one of the largest telecommunications providers in Finland, and Keypro Oy, the leading provider of network information and GIS solutions, today announced a major new contract. Keypro delivers KeyCom, the physical and logical network inventory solution to DNA.

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