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Keypro GIS/NIS solutions available in Norway

By Noora Liljanto on Jun 3, 2022 12:37:03 PM

Keypro and Geomatikk together for the Norwegian market with GIS/NIS systems

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Reporting in streetlight networks

By Olli Kaukola on Feb 21, 2022 2:25:05 PM

When operating streetlight network, efficient daily maintenance operations play big role. All network components have limited lifetime and they need to be replaced at some point. Also, problems and faults keep appearing all the time due to road accidents and faulty components. In addition to that, the network becomes more and more complex due to different IoT technology and lighting control system implemented to streetlight network. There can also be many different other kind of components such as measurement devices, cameras etc. that are attached to streetlight poles and related electricity network.

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Mobile Fieldwork in a Streetlight Network

By Olli Kaukola on Jan 17, 2022 8:48:19 AM

KeyLight's new KeyMobile interface provides full operational field work support to document all changes in the network directly from the field using smartphone or tablet. Read below how KeyMobile can help you to document and manage your field work better.

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The components and technology of street lighting networks are constantly evolving and becoming more complex. New types of components are connected to the network, the technical characteristics of components varies significantly and network should be continuously developed and maintained efficiently. Network management is becoming more complex all the time, so how do you make sure that day-to-day maintenance and future investments can be handled efficiently?

In the maintenance of lighting networks, a modern operating environment today requires that network objects including location, attribute and connectivity information are always available when working in the field. This information availability significantly speeds up maintenance in many cases by eliminating unnecessary time spent for clarifying issues and removing errors. Also, updating the information and making the necessary new entries immediately when the situation requires will reduce the time spent on documentation and speed up the sharing of up-to-date information between stakeholders.

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KeyLight GIS overview for lighting networks

By Olli Kaukola on Aug 25, 2021 8:38:22 AM

How to manage streetlight and traffic light network assets and make sure that all network operations are managed and operated efficiently? Read our KeyLight GIS overview to see how we can help outdoor lighting network professionals.

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Geographical information system called KeyLight is a browser-based system for lighting network owners, contractors, planners and other stakeholders to manage and document their streetlight- and traffic light networks. Network inventory includes all relevant network objects, their locations, connections and attribute information. With KeyLight lighting business professionals including all external stakeholders can manage their daily network maintenance operations and tasks more efficiently and plan future network investments for upcoming years in a transparent and systematic way.

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