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Announcing the availability of KeyCom 2024.1 Service Pack 2

A new Service Pack 2 (SP2) for the 2024.1 version of KeyCom, the leading Network Information System (NIS) for telecoms and (ISPs), has been released.

This update addresses a handful of issues already fixed in later versions, 2024.2 and 2024.3, improving the performance and reliability for KeyCom customers still running 2024.1.

2024.1 Service Pack 2 is immediately available and provided at no additional cost to all existing KeyCom SaaS and maintenance clients. New clients will automatically benefit from the SP2 features. For current KeyCom clients, Keypro's customer support team will be reaching out to arrange a convenient time for the upgrade process.

Emphasizing Keypro’s commitment to user convenience, we assure that the SP2 maintains full backward compatibility with the initial 2024.1 and 2024.1 SP1 releases of KeyCom. This ensures a seamless transition to the latest version without the need for additional user training.

Clients seeking further information about the Service Pack or wishing to arrange their upgrade can contact Keypro Technical Support via email at

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