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New versions of all Keypro products released

Keypro proudly announces the immediate general availability of the latest iteration of its entire Network Information System (NIS) product suite.

This includes a brand new 2024.1 version of KeyCom for Telecoms and Internet Service Providers (ISPs), KeyAqua for water utilities, KeyHeat for district heating providers and KeyLight for street light network owners and municipalities.

New year, new version numbering

New software releases from Keypro are now numbered using the release year. The now released 2024.1 marks the first (1) major release of 2024. We believe this change will help customers keep up with our ambitious pace of releases and make our release plans easier to follow going forward.

"The renewed version numbering of Keypro software products symbolizes the new, faster paced, era we have entered. An era where we continuously bring new innovations to our customers and make them available on a quarterly basis. The 2024.1 release is the first of planned four releases this year, all bringing new capabilities to our NIS platform.” says Tony Virtanen, Vice President of Product Management at Keypro and continues "A number is still just a number, the key take away is that our pace of innovation is increasing.”

Enhanced functionality, scalability and reliability

The 2024.1 release includes some 30+ functionality improvements as well as numerous improvements in performance, scalability, and reliability to all our products.

Some of the highlights in the suite of improvements include:

•    New improved circuit and cross section forms in KeyCom
•    Enhanced Address details to accommodate more accurate recording of various address formats
•    Full KeyWork functionality with e.g. maintenance rounds supported in KeyAqua
•    Enhanced content management tools in the Citizen Interface portal enabling richer communication towards consumers

KeyHeat and KeyLight join KeyCom and KeyAqua in utilizing PostgreSQL

With the release of the 2024.1 versions all Keypro NIS products; KeyCom, KeyAqua, KeyLight and KeyHeat are now ready to utilize the remarkable performance of PostgreSQL. The new robust, open-source, and highly scalable PostgreSQL database option is now available for all Keypro customers. With its strong community and constant updates, PostgreSQL provides performance optimizations, security enhancements, and a wide range of extensions, resulting in a more reliable, efficient, and future-proof Keypro Network Management System.

A seamless upgrade experience available in your preferred language

The powerful new 2024.1 versions of KeyCom, KeyAqua, KeyLight and KeyHeat are readily accessible to all Keypro SaaS and maintenance customers, at no additional cost. New customers are automatically granted access to the innovative features of 2024.1 right from the start. Meanwhile, Keypro's dedicated technical support team will reach out to existing customers to coordinate a convenient upgrade schedule.

We have made the jump to 2024.1 a smooth transition for users, by providing complete backward compatibility with recent versions of the respective software, making user retraining practically unnecessary. A fast-track migration process is available for customers still on legacy versions of Keypro software.

All our products come with multilingual support, currently shipping in English, Finnish, Swedish, Spanish, and Catalan. The upcoming releases during 2024 will further extend the language support.

Should you have questions about the fresh features or wish to schedule your upgrade, the Keypro Technical Support team is just an email away at

For more information about Keypro Network Information Systems and our services, feel free to explore our website at